Last week, MA Field Representative Hannah Ono was asked to share her story for a Business Insider article focused on Gen Z climate activists. Reflecting on the experience, Hannah writes:

“I had the opportunity to share my story about how I joined climate activism from a petition to Dunkin’ to change their styrofoam cups, which gathered over 300,000 signatures. That was the catalyst to the work I do now with my peers at school, Our Climate, and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Youth Action Team. It is an honor to be regarded among the 16 other Gen Z activists that have used their voice for justice.

“One of the questions I was asked was ‘why is it important for young people to be engaged in climate activism?’ I answered by saying that it is important, but that it shouldn’t be. The responsibility of preserving the Earth and combating the existential threat of climate change should not fall on kids like myself. Youth should absolutely have a voice, especially in climate activism where the consequences of our actions will heavily impact our lives. However, at 10 years old, I should not have felt that I needed to act to make the world more habitable. Us youth are looking at our elected officials who were entrusted to enact positive change. We are counting on you.”

Read more about Hannah and the other Gen Z climate activists’ experiences in this article by Business Insider!

Hannah Ono is a Field Rep for Our Climate. She currently attends Phillips Academy Andover.
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