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Union of Concerned Scientists supports new conservative carbon tax proposal (UCS)

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EPA’s war with California proves America needs a carbon tax (The Guardian)

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Washington prepares for carbon tax push (Axios)

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Argentina proposes $25/t national carbon tax on energy sector (Carbon Pulse)

Washington DC carbon tax will cut emissions and create local jobs (Washington Post)

The once and future Democratic consensus on climate change (Vox)

Carbon border taxes help encourage countries to take climate action (Transport and Environment)

US needs higher taxes – not lower ones – especially carbon taxes (Washington Post)

Across the nation, states elect carbon price supporters (Argus Media)

Yale’s carbon pricing experiment reduces emissions and increases energy awareness (Nature)

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Personal carbon trading on blockchain – how would it work? (Fast Company)

1400 companies already factoring carbon price into their internal accounting (Triple Pundit)

As clean power plan is gutted, we NEED a carbon price (Capital Press)

Massachusetts could be first state to enact carbon tax (JD SUPRA)

Average US household willing to pay $177 increase in energy prices to curb climate change (Yale Climate Change Communication Program)

British Columbia votes to increase carbon tax to $50/ton in next four year (Reuters)

Climate Justice Groups and Big Oil Agree On Climate Dividends (Huffington Post)

Leading economists say carbon tax is vital to meeting climate change goals (CleanTechnica)

At least 5 states proposing their own carbon pricing bills (Washington Post)

New report: Global carbon price needed to prevent dangerous global warming (The Climate Group)

Electricity analysts and generators support carbon pricing (Utility Dive)

California now considering adding a dividend to their cap and trade program (E&E News)

More and more states pushing for state-level carbon tax (Huffington Post)

Conservative support for a carbon tax is growing (Bloomberg)

Leading climate scientist James Hansen supports a carbon tax (Triple Pundit)

Added benefit of taxing carbon: reducing trade deficit with China (Bloomberg)

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Republicans propose national carbon tax (Washington Post)

Rhode Island to be first state with a carbon tax? (ecoRI News)

Exxon’s position on carbon tax is inconsistent at best (Environmental and Energy News)

A national carbon tax is the best way to reach environmental justice objectives and curb climate change (UC Berkeley Energy Institute)

Carbon tax will benefit poor people (Fox News)

Companies already incorporating carbon price into their investment plans (Quartz)

Salt Lake City introducing carbon tax bill! (Good4Utah)

Canadian oil companies in favor of carbon tax (CBC News) 

Berkeley economist explains why environmentalists voted against the environment (Berkeley Energy Institute) 

The political future of a carbon tax (Niskanen Center)

Elon Musk supports a carbon tax (Business Insider)

One of the most important economists in the world thinks a carbon tax is a great idea (Business Insider)

I-732 is a bipartisan solution to climate change (Seattle Times)