Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Action

We’re human, which means we’re not perfect. We strive to treat our people and our communities right with compassion, humility and respect. As an organization, we’re dedicated to holding ourselves accountable daily, as we nurture a supportive, comfortable and anti-racist workplace and intersectional youth-focused community. Our openness and bottomless curiosity allows us to learn from one another and we’re all better for it. Our differences and diverse backgrounds are our superpowers, which is why we don’t tolerate racism, sexism, or any other discriminatory-ism.

Achievements in 2022

Diversified our staff, board and advisory council: both our Executive Director and Board President are Black women.

Partnered with Change Cadet’s team to offer DEIBA trainings to staff and students 
Launched our 3-year strategic plan to reflect our commitment to intersectional justice and DEIBA in all areas of our work

Continued to audit and update our policies and best practices to prioritize DEIBA


Beginning the Journey
Our diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice journey began in 2018 with the creation of our first DEIJ Action Plan in collaboration with Nourish Consulting.
Working with Change Cadet
In 2021, we began working closely with Dr. Akilah Cadet and her Change Cadet team to continue our journey of DEIJ. This process has included sensitivity editing of all of our organizational documents. In addition to our documents, our organizational policies and best practices have been updated to include language and actions to further our DEIJ work. Dr. Cadet has led our team and student leaders on a series of DEIJ workshops, including “Dismantling White Dominant Culture and Apology” and “From Ally to Anti Racist”.
Incorporating DEIBA
In 2022, we took a look at our mission, vision, and values and examined how well they represented our work. In the spirit of growth, Our Climate partnered with the Change Cadet team to update our mission, vision, and value statements to better reflect our growth into an organization fighting for intersectional social and climate justice policy. We continued working with Change Cadet’s team to create our DEIBA Action Plan, further incorporating DEIBA and intersectional justice into all aspects of our internal and external work.


We would like to thank Dr. Akilah Cadet and the Change Cadet team for continuing to guide and support us as we dismantle white supremacy and white dominant culture in Our Climate’s internal and external work. Change Cadet is a change management and organizational development consulting firm that offers a broad array of services including executive coaching, strategic planning, problem solving, and facilitation in support of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. To learn more, visit the Change Cadet website.


  • Student Data
Race, Ethnicity and/or Origin*
Asian 38.1%
Black or African American 9.52%
Hispanic, Latin or Spanish Origin 9.52%
Middle Eastern or North African 9.52%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 4.76%
White 42.86%
Prefer to Self-describe 4.76%

66.67% Woman 
23.81% Man
4.76% Gender-fluid
5.9% Gender-queer

  • Staff Data
Race, Ethnicity and/or Origin*
American Indian or Alaska Native 8.33%
Black or African American 16.67%
Hispanic, Latin or Spanish Origin 16.67%
White 75%

91.67% Woman
8.33% Nonbinary

  • Board Data
Race, Ethnicity and/or Origin*
Asian 20%
Black or African American 40%
White 40%

100% Woman

*Race, Ethnicity and/or Origin

  • Asian (ex: Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, etc.)
  • Black or African American (ex: African American, Jamaican, Haitian, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Somalian, etc.)
  • Hispanic, Latin or Spanish Origin (ex: Spanish, Mexican or Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Salvadoran, Dominican, Columbian, etc.)
  • Middle Eastern or North African (ex: Lebanese, Iranian, Egyptian, Syrian, Moroccan, Algerian, etc.) 
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (ex: Native Mawaiian, Samoan, Chamorro, Tongan, Fijian, Guamanian, etc.) 
  • White (ex: German, Irish, English, Italian, Polish, French, etc.)


  • Woman (could include cisgender women, transgender women, and female-identified individuals)
  • Man (could Include clsgender men, transgender men, and male-identified individuals)

To acknowledge the complexity of identity, participants had the option to select multiple answers, which in some cases results in numbers higher than 100%. Data is collected from a demographic survey in October 2022 and may have a margin of error.

Our Climate collects demographic information related to race, gender, economic background, educational background, pronouns, and other important information such as immigration status, being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and accessibility needs. 

We are the Generations that MUST ACT!