Today, October 10th, is Indigenous People’s Day. It is a day to recognize, celebrate, honor, and respect the vast array of Native Indigenous communities across the Americas. It is only the 2nd Indigenous People’s Day in the United States: President Joe Biden became the first President to proclaim this day Indigenous People’s Day in 2021.

President Biden said “On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we honor America’s first inhabitants and the Tribal Nations that continue to thrive today.  I encourage everyone to celebrate and recognize the many Indigenous communities and cultures that make up our great country.”   

For millennia Indigenous peoples have contributed to and have protected this land. Despite the effects of colonialism actively combatting those efforts and contributing to climate change, Indigenous communities continue to use traditional practices and continue to fight for their right to land sovereignty. 

Now traditional Indigenous land practices are being reintroduced to combat the climate crisis and it is imperative that such practices are accredited to the traditional holders of such knowledge. The climate movement would not exist without Indigenous Peoples. 

Indigenous environmentalists and environmental groups to support and follow:

Mujeres Amazonicas

Earth Daughters 

Raíces Verdes (Samara Almonte)

Indigenous Climate Action

Mitã Xipaya

Ta’ Kaiya Blaney 

Pinar Antes Sinopoulos-Lloyd 

Eric Marky Terena 

Charitie Ropati

Jordan Whetstone 

Flora Pacha 
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