My name is Sachin Shenoy, and I am a 17 year old high school student from Overland Park, Kansas. As a National Field Representative for Our Climate, I have had the privilege to learn and partake in numerous opportunities to spread awareness on the climate crisis we are in and advocate for change to our current practices. 

In my own community, I have witnessed the hostile effects of climate change. Recently, a moderate wildfire due to extreme temperatures shredded through the trees and grass just behind my home. The consequences of decades of ignorance and inaction have arrived, we are running out of time with each day we spend deprioritizing climate change.

But today, I was given hope. This morning, President Biden released his new Build Back Better framework. If passed, it would be the largest climate investment in American history. Biden’s new framework would be transformative and includes $555 billion for clean energy tax credits, environmental justice investments, a Clean Energy Accelerator, and a Civilian Climate Corps.

COP26 is rapidly approaching this upcoming week, and the United States must arrive with a legitimate plan to slash emissions drastically by 2030. The passage of the Build Back Better Agenda would be a first step in showing the world that we are ready to take accountability for the disproportionate role we play in perpetuating the climate crisis.

We need you to message your representatives today to tell them to pass the Build Back Better Agenda immediately with no funding cuts. Anything short of that puts our collective future at risk. 

Young people know this bill is not enough to fully address the climate crisis, but it is a critical first step and our biggest opportunity to invest in a transition to a clean energy future before our 2030 climate catastrophe deadline. 

As a young person, this issue is of extreme importance to me. Our futures and the futures of our children will depend on the actions we pursue today. We are in one of the most uncertain times in history and the decisions we make today will alter the course of history for centuries to come. The time to act is now. We must be deliberate with our efforts and generous with our spending if it means preserving the Earth that we rely on for life. For my future, for your future, and for the lives of generations to come, take 2 minutes to message your representatives today.

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