Earlier this year, Our Climate gave a fond farewell to our previous Executive Director, Jasmine Davenport, who led our organization from July 2020 to January 2023. Now, Davenport has taken her wealth of experience to the EPA, where she is continuing this important work as a Senior Advisor for Climate Justice. After an extensive search evaluating many accomplished candidates, Our Climate’s team is thrilled to welcome our new Executive Director Catherine K. Mongella!

Catherine K. Mongella is a leader and a visionary in the non-profit sector with over 12 years of experience in organizational development, capacity building, and solution-focused approaches. Most recently, Catherine served as the Executive Director of Earth Guardians, a nonprofit that trains youth to be influential leaders in the intersections of environmental and climate justice and utilizes art, storytelling, on-the-ground projects, civic engagement, and legal action to advance solutions addressing the critical issues we face as a global community. This year, she was the recipient of the 2023 – 40 under 40 Africa Award for Youth Empowerment and named Women of Excellence in the May 2023 issue of Moving Women Magazine.

Catherine is a certified Director by the Institute of Directors in Tanzania and an author published by Langaa publishers in 2020 where she contributed a chapter to the COVID Stories from East Africa and Beyond, and the coffee book Pivoting in Heels.

Catherine is passionate about changing the narratives around BIPOC female leadership while also elevating the voices of youth in the pursuit of positive and sustainable change. She works to inspire and support impactful solutions to the critical issues we face as a global community.

A statement she lives by is “in a world where you can be anything – be humble and kind”.

Our team is excited to welcome Catherine to Our Climate and looks forward to her leadership as we continue to empower young people to advocate for our mission.

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