Our Climate empowers young people to advocate for the science-based, equitable and intersectional climate justice policies that build a thriving world. We engage and train youth from affected communities and groups to participate in broad and diverse advocacy coalitions. Together, we build deep partnerships, mobilize, and center those most impacted by climate change to dismantle systemic oppression and achieve systemic change.


Engage and empower young leaders to eliminate greenhouse gas pollution and achieve a transition away from an extractive, profit-based economy towards one that is equitable and regenerative to build a thriving world.

How We Work

Advance federal and state-level climate justice policy

Invest deeply in young leaders who are protecting our future

Grow and diversify the youth-led movement for climate action

Our Values


  • Intentionally partner with and center young people and disenfranchised communities to further the environmental and climate justice movements
  • Empower and mentor those most affected by climate change through deep relationships, skill-building, resources, and by building on solutions that local communities are already championing
  • Prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and anti-racism in all we do
  • Commit to learning, curiosity, growth, openness and continuous feedback