Brinn is a student at the University of Washington where she studies environment and politics. Brinn believes that climate change is one of the most pressing issues her generation faces. Brinn believes that youth have the ability to make change as they are the ones who will feel the negative effects of climate change most acutely.

My time as a Field Representative for Our Climate has served as a reminder that even when it feels as though the world is falling apart, I still have the power to make a difference. This past spring, I found myself suddenly stuck at home, watching the world go to pieces. I felt powerless. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I took pride in staying involved in my community and was a fierce advocate for justice and positive change. Confined to my home, it seemed that I had lost all means to help combat the disaster that I was witnessing.

It was a few months into this that I came upon the Field Representative opportunity with Our Climate. I jumped on the chance that it presented and could not be happier with my decision to do so. In my time with Our Climate, I feel as though I have acquired a new sense of confidence. I was able to meet with elected officials and make sure that my opinion was being heard. Others at Our Climate showed me through modeling how to advocate for the change that I wish to see. This is a skill that I know will serve me in my future career as I’m hoping to go into politics.

I am already utilizing it by joining Representative Frank Chopp’s Climate Crew; an opportunity that was offered to me during an Our Climate conversation with him. My experience at Our Climate came at a time when I was losing hope and motivation to fight for the future of our planet. I felt alone in my worries and it was invigorating to be presented with the opportunity to work alongside other people my own age in the fight to combat climate change. I was given new insight through conversations with my peers and found a space where I felt safe to be pushed to further develop my leadership skills.

Despite everything being virtual, I can say that I have found a community that has brought back my drive to stay involved in politics and given me the means to help get more youth involved.

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