On June 15th, students from across the country will travel to D.C. to demand that Congress pass $555 billion in climate investments this year to protect our right to a livable future. Our students are preparing and excited to connect with each other, meet with their congress members, and advocate for their futures. One of our New York Fellows, Milly Waxman, is a 19-year-old climate activist attending Barnard College. Milly will be speaking at our rally and is excited to meet the team:

Why are you excited about the summit?
I am mostly excited to meet everyone on the team. While we have done so much work together virtually, it is going to be nice to meet face to face. What makes it even more special is that we are coming from so many different places across the U.S. but are all meeting in Washington D.C. where we will be fighting for change.

Why will you be advocating for $555 billion in climate investments during this event?
I am advocating for $555 billion in climate investments because if we don’t make any significant changes to the way our country is currently being run, then we will experience catastrophic disasters never seen before. If we invest in taking care of our world, we will mitigate the horrible tragedies that will take place. We have known about climate change and its horrific impacts for decades, it’s about time change is made before it is too late.

Please join us on June 15th at 12pm to fight for #555ForOurFuture!
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