The rich climate justice ecosystem in Massachusetts is a blessing and a curse. With hundreds of organizations and more than 5 climate coalitions, we are certainly equipped to cover the countless aspects of climate justice that need addressing. But can we cooperate to get our solutions across the finish-line?

This is why Our Climate, MA helped build and host the first of it’s kind MA Climate Organizer Summit last August. 16 organizers across 5 Massachusetts-based coalitions took a close look at our complex web of relationships.

Though it was only a start, we certainly
built stronger relationships, clearer lines of communication, openly discussed redundancy and conflict, and sought alignment between the climate coalitions and organizations. We particularly sunk our teeth into issues of centering youth and environmental justice access, the role of market-based mechanisms, and ways to weave our different goals and tactics. 

For more information, check out the Summary/Report and stay tuned for our next Summit, which will likely be in March ‘22.

Published On: November 30th, 2021 / Categories: Blog /