Policy Analysis Calculator

Rating System
: Exceeds expectations/targets
3: Meets expectations/targets
2: Approaches expectations/targets
1: Minimal alignment with expectations/targets
0: Not aligned/counterproductive

Our Climate’s Policy Analyst Calculator is a metric for assessing the extent to which a piece of climate legislation is aligned with Our Climate’s Policy Principles as well as measuring its political feasibility. Our Climate’s Policy Principles value bills that are science-based and equitable in both process and content. The calculator quantifies various criteria within these categories to give a 0-4 score for ideological alignment and weighs several factors to provide a 0-4 score for political feasibility.

  • Alignment


  • Political Feasibility



For policies with renewable energy targets:

  • Zero emissions by 2045
  • Net negative emissions after 2045
  • Interim targets ≤5 years
  • Specific penalties for non-compliant corporations
  • No false solutions (Vet often greenwashed “solutions” and only use them for 5% of our emissions reductions during the transition; maximize use of technologies and ecosystems that draw down carbon but not as an justification to burn fuels; biomass incinerators and mega-hydro do not count as renewable due to human rights and environmental implications (MYCC))

For policies with corporate polluter fees:

  • High fees (4: a price high enough that, in concert with other polices, will allow us to beat our emissions targets; 3: a price high enough that, in concert with other policies, will allow us to meet our emissions targets)
  • Fees increase yearly until targets are met Covers all sectors of the economy
  • Money to EJ communities (at least 40%)
  • Money to green infrastructure (some of which benefits EJ communities)
  • Money to protect worker transition
  • Money to facilitate EJ participation in decision-making and funding distribution processes

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