Where: Capitol Reflecting Pool (Penn Ave NW and 3rd Street SW)

June 15th, 12 – 1 pm EST 

Young people from across the country are traveling to DC on June 15th to demand that Congress pass $555 billion in climate investments this year to protect our right to a livable future.  The large scale of the climate crisis requires large scale solutions that are bold, equitable, and well-funded.

$555 billion is a starting point to allow our communities to begin the inevitable transition to a clean energy economy and is a small drop in the bucket compared to the 
billions the United States spends annually responding to climate-caused natural disasters and the immeasurable economic and human loss we will suffer if we don’t act now.

That is why, on June 15 from 12-1pm, we’ll be gathering at the Capitol Reflecting Pool (Penn Ave NW and 3rd Street SW) to demand #555ForOurFuture. Join us to hear from guest speakers, see our collaborative mosaic art instillation, and send a message to congress: our communities need intersectional climate justice policy immediately! 

Sign up here! 

​We are so grateful to our sponsorship partners for supporting this event: Green 2.0​, PLNT Burger​, Whole Foods, and Intelligent Change​.​

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