Upcoming Events

Resilience as Resistance, In-Person Event In Washington State-2 Part Series
•Part 1:Thursday, April 13, 2023, Time: 6:00 pm-8:00 pm PT, Spokane, WA
•Part 2:Sunday April 16, 2023, Time: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm PT, Seattle, WA

You Are Not Alone

In the fight for social and climate justice, rest and self care is a radical act of resilience. Young people are facing disproportionate rates of mental illness and climate anxiety in today’s age of unprecedented trauma. Yet mental healthcare is inaccessible to those who need it most, especially for young people in frontline communities most impacted by climate change.

Our Climate is partnering with a team of licensed mental health professionals to host Resilience as Resistance: Mental Health and Climate Activism. In this free series, attendees will meet with mental health practitioners to share their experiences and discuss coping strategies to build resilience. 

Our Impact

Since launching our Resilience as Resistance: Climate Activism and Mental Health program in November of 2020, we’ve:

  • Planned and facilitated 6 Resilience as Resistance events,
  • Engaged over 170 young people in confidential roundtable discussions,
  • Partnered with 12 licensed mental health professionals and 9 Resilience Advisors,
  • Received recognition in the Ho Family Foundation Report, “Youth Leadership and Youth Engagement in Climate and Biodiversity: The need for wellbeing, resilience and mentoring support for the environmental youth movement.”

Our Goals

Our Climate recognizes the need to implement wellness programs because of the complexity of this intersectional crisis and the weight of eco-anxiety. Without mental healthcare, young activists are prone to burnout, making organizing unsustainable.

We have 3 goals for our programming:

Goal 1

Host 4 virtual Resilience as Resistance: Mental Health & Climate Activism events throughout 2022 in order to provide 75 participants mental health and resilience support, with a focus on their wellbeing in the climate justice space.

Goal 2

Uplift the stories of youth leaders in frontline communities using our storytelling and art curriculum. 

Goal 3

Build a team of Resilience Advisors prominent in the wellness space to support ongoing programming and contribute to an academic article.

Meet our Resilience Advisors!