Did you know that Our Climate is actually listed as the non-profit sponsor for a bill on the MA State House Website? It’s true. Check out H.614/S.311.

We partnered with the fully youth-led and founded Massachusetts Climate Education Organization to write and submit a bill that would revolutionize the way climate is taught in K-12 schools. It’s called An Act implementing an elementary and secondary interdisciplinary climate education curriculum in the Commonwealth.

As we testified in favor of the bill (you can Ruby ducked out of class to speak the committee from in front of her lockers) we had an incredible surprise. The author of one of the most popular set of biology textbooks, Kenneth Miller joined us to testify. Did you ever have to schlep one of those thick babies home to study for an exam?

Dr. Miller lives in Rohobith, MA and learned about our bill through an organization he helped co-found called the National Center for Science Education. They recently featured our bill in a
blogpost of their own.

This is the sort of intergenerational work that could bring real climate education to youth across the state, not just about the science but about the solutions. 

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