Volunteer with us!

Our Climate relies on volunteers like you to share our work in your communities!

Our volunteer program is currently under construction. Please subscribe to our email list for ways to plug into our youth-led movement.  

Our Climate has three “tiers” of engagement and actions you can take. Below you’ll learn more about those tiers. After checking them out, fill out the form to indicate how you’d like to get involved and you’ll get an email with more information.

Social Butterfly: This role is perfect for someone who is all about the social media. Whether you’re “on the Gram” or have had trending tweets, this one’s for you. Sign up to get our social media kit and begin making a difference now!

Outreach Officer: If you have a wide network who needs to know about Our Climate’s work, we’ve got the tools you need. Lists of who to share our work with and how, sample emails and social media posts, and even tools to share the impact of Our Climate’s work within the halls of power and our elected officials.

Donor Diva: We won’t beat around the bush. Money does make the world go ’round, and Our Climate is always looking for financial support. Being a Donor Debbie can mean hosting a Facebook Fundraising to raise funds to support youth leaders, sharing Our Climate’s work with your friends via email with encouragement to join you in donating, or connecting our team with potential donors, big and small. We’re so grateful for your support and that you’ve chosen to offer your time and energy to support amazing youth leaders working to pass the climate policy we need for a livable future.