With 2022 midterm elections just around the corner, it is pivotal as climate justice warriors to make sure we are equipped with the correct information and items necessary to place our votes on November 8th. 

Since baseless claims were made surrounding the integrity of voting in the US, there has been a recent increase in voter suppression and intimidation taking place at voting locations and ballot drop boxes. There have also been many restrictive voting laws across the country that have been implemented since 2021. 

According to the Brennan Center “These new laws restrict access to the ballot box in a number of ways: they make it harder to vote by mail, establish or expand documentary proof of citizenship requirements for voter registration, impose new photo ID requirements, limit Election Day registration, make it more difficult for individuals without traditional addresses to register to vote, and increase the likelihood of faulty voter purges.” 

This is why it is important to make sure you are prepared and knowledgeable when using your right to vote on November 8th:

  • Check voter registration status here
  • Make a voting plan. Determine what voting options are available to you in your state ahead of time, locate your polling location or drop off options. State or Local Election Office Website
  • Research what you’ll be placing your vote for so you can make the best informed choice. Voting guide by state & League of Conservation Voters Environmental Scorecard
  • Check if any identification is required and what forms are required. Voter ID Requirements
  • Plan your route. If you’re planning on taking a Lyft to a polling location, enter VOTE22 on the app for 50% off your ride up to $10. 
  • Compare candidates’ stances on issues using VOTE411 or by googling the voting record of candidates running in your area. 

The most powerful voter mobilization tool? Positive peer pressure. To double your impact, encourage your friends and family to go out and vote. Use your knowledge and passion to inform them of important races, policies, and measures that will be on their ballot and share these resources with anyone in your life who may need them. 

Remember, voting is one step we can take to ensure that initiatives and candidates that share our values are passed and elected. Being informed of your voting rights and making informed votes is crucial!

Published On: November 2nd, 2022 / Categories: Blog /