What We Do

Our Climate empowers young leaders to advocate for equitable and science-based climate policy.

Our Climate empowers young leaders to advocate for equitable and science-based climate policy. Since 2014, we have trained and mobilized hundreds of young people across the country to advance state-level policies that sharply reduce emissions and ensure a just transition to clean energy. Our leaders contribute to state campaigns by creatively organizing their communities, sharing their stories with wide-reaching media outlets, and connecting with decision-makers. Since our national campaign launched in 2016, Our Climate has empowered hundreds of students through our leadership development programs, contributed to state climate policy campaigns, and built support for holding polluters accountable.

In the past year, we’ve celebrated the passage of 12 state climate policies that Our Climate youth leaders advocated for: 

    • The Climate and Community Protection Act in New York; 
    • The Climate Pollution Limits Bill in Washington; 
    • Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order to cap carbon pollution in the industrial, transportation, and natural gas sectors in Oregon;
    • 2050 Roadmap Climate Bill in Massachusetts;
    • the HEAL Act in Washington;
    • The Clean Fuel Standard in Washington;
    • The Working Families Tax Credit in Washington;
    • Capital Gains Tax in Washington;
    • Police tactics reform to ban chokeholds/no-knock warrants in Washington,
    • Farmworker Overtime in Washington;
    • Growth Management Act in Washington
    • SB 289 (a racial justice policy preventing biased crime in Oregon Parks)
    • The Energy Affordability Act in Oregon
    • SCR 17 (racial and environmental clause in approaching environmental policy in Oregon).

        We have engaged young leaders in ongoing state efforts to pass comprehensive policies. Since January 2020 we have:

        • Engaged over 1,299 students from 28 campuses across the United States in efforts to support  policy through legislative advocacy, media engagement, and campus organizing;
        • Organized 309 outreach events, workshops, and trainings to educate students about grassroots advocacy, legislative engagement, and climate solutions;
        • Facilitated 4,166 student-led conversations with lawmakers through creative actions, letter writing, and face-to-face meetings;
        • Published 85 media pieces and blog posts to share youth stories and amplify the need for immediate climate action.

        Our team has greatly built the capacity of our youth engagement and leadership development programs to provide meaningful opportunities for rising student leaders across the country. We have:

        • Recruited and trained more than 200 student leaders through our Fellowship and Field Representative programs. 
        • Offered over 100 trainings in 2020 on climate policy and advocacy, including youth summits and lobby days..
        • Reached over 5,000 youth through educational webinars for our students covering a range of topics, featuring speakers from Green 2.0, Climate Nexus, The GREEN Program, Organizing for Action, Friends Committee on National Legislation, The YEARS Project, and others.

        Our Climate’s leaders have elevated the conversation about concrete climate policies around the country and have:

        • Reached more than 8 million people online through videos, digital actions, and student stories.
        • Received and generated media coverage from local and national outlets, including The Hill, USA Today, and Grist.
        • Won two international awards: the MIT Climate CoLab Judges’ Choice Award and the Keeling Curve Prize.