Meet Faiza Azam, a Field Advisor with Our Climate as well as the Volunteer Coordinator of our Voter Mobilization Team.

Faiza is an unstoppable 18-year-old climate justice advocate based in Brooklyn, New York. Faiza is a key player in our New York program and national Get Out The Vote efforts. Outside of Our Climate, Faiza has worked tirelessly in climate issues on her campus, in her community, and beyond. When she’s not saving the world, Faiza likes to relax with Arrested Development reruns, gripping crime podcasts, and the musical sounds of Harry Styles. Read more about Faiza below in our exclusive interview!

What is your title or in what capacity are you involved with Our Climate?

“I am a Field Advisor with Our Climate as well as the Volunteer Coordinator with Our Climate’s Voter Mobilization Team.”

Where are you based now, and where is “home” for you?

“I am based in Brooklyn, New York, which is my home as well.”

What drew you to Our Climate and the climate movement in general?

“I started learning about the climate crisis through an environmental club in my high school, John Dewey High School called Resilient Schools Consortium. I learned about the destruction of hurricane sandy on my high school in 2013 that led me to think about my childhood and the lives of my parents in a highly vulnerable “third world country” known as Bangladesh.This drew me into the climate movement as a local advocate to help my school community become educated and prepared for mass flooding from sea level rise and hurricanes. My career path in environmental resiliency at high school led me to pursuing a new aspect of the climate movement at the Wildlife Conservation Society at the New York Aquarium. Through this vigorous training in the impact global warming has on marine ecosystems as well as wildlife in general gave me the opportunity to learn about climate policy. I started working with Our Climate through WCS at the Our Climate 2019 summer policy camp and worked my way to participating in all three internship programs towards climate justice and wildlife conservation.”

“What is something you are really proud of, either in your professional or personal life?”

I am really proud of the achievements I have accomplished throughout my senior year of high school, working in three internships that focused on the climate movement and wildlife conservation while being in school pre and post COVID-19. This is because I have had many opportunities to spread awareness and work on campaigns for youth education in climate resiliency and conservation pre-COVID-19, however, post COVID-19 I have had the opportunity to conquer projects such as voter mobilization, summer policy camp, field advising at OC, participant at multiple coalition partner committees and as a Discovery Guide Leader at the WCS and other small projects at the same time and accomplish multiple tasks including our New York State Youth Lobby Day in May.

“What does climate justice mean to you?”

To me, climate justice means and opportunity for all. Having the roots to a highly vulnerable underdeveloping nation of Bangladesh and learning the lifestyles of my family showed that still in today’s time, many do not get equal opportunities nor justice in regards to safety, jobs, and human rights. Climate justice means women’s rights, animal rights, the rights of the poor, and racial justice. I have learned that 20% of Bangladesh is at risk of sinking, which impacts the futures of all young children who deserve this equal opportunity for all.

“Organizing in the climate movement can be tiring work. What is your favorite way to relax, take care of yourself, or unplug from work?”

I love to watch reruns of Arrested Development because I find comedy relaxing. I also love listening to crime podcasts, broadway soundtracks and Harry Styles.

“When (or where!) are you at your happiest?”

I am at my happiest when I am around climate activists such as myself who share the same dreams as me and achieve success in their goals to reach climate justice.

“What’s a song that energizes you?”

10, 000 hours by Dan + Shay

“Are you involved in any other organizations, and in what capacity? Feel free to include social media handles!”

I am a former intern and current Discovery Guide Leader at the WIldlife Conservation Society at the New York Aquarium. My job is to provide as a leader and a guide towards the media outreach campaigns for ocean wildlife conservation. The Instagram, Facebook and twitter handle for the wcs and the New York Aquarium are @thewcs and @nyaquarium. I am also an alumni for Resilient Schools Consortium working on ways to make the Coney Island community prepared against natural disasters. The Instagram handles for RiSC are @riscnyc1 and @jdhs.risc_team.

Faiza in action!

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