Meet Vivian Santos-Smith, one of our amazing new Massachusetts OC Field Representatives! Vivian is a freshman at Howard University and is passionate about climate justice. Vivian has attended multiple protests and is passionate about many issues other than climate justice such as mass incarceration, police reform, and women’s rights. Vivian wants to work with her community to help support all types of people and make the future a little bit brighter.

High School Graduation!

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How old are you?


Where are you based now, and where is “home” for you?

Somerville, Massachusetts

What drew you to Our Climate and the climate movement in general?

What drew me to our climate was the dedication fighting against not only climate change, but all types of prejudice that affects everyone around me. It was amazing to join such a brilliant family of activists.

What is something you are really proud of, either in your professional or personal life?

Something I am really proud of is attending Howard University. I am very fortunate to be able to go to a Top HBCU with significant amount of history and fruitfulness.

What does climate justice mean to you?

Climate justice means the protection of the environment that has granted us life, fighting for communities who are disproportionately affected by climate change (i.e. with high cases of asthma, etc.), and fighting for the right of my generation and the generation after me to have a future.

Organizing in the climate movement can be tiring work. What is your favorite way to relax, take care of yourself, or unplug from work?

I have many ways to unplug when I have my free time. My two favorite ways are to watch TV and to read books. I enjoy TV a lot and I’m a major bookworm. In addition, working out is another way for me to unplug.

When (or where!) are you at your happiest?

My house with my family is when I’m the happiest. I feel I am safe in my house with my mom and dad.

What’s a song that energizes you?

High Hopes – Panic! at the Disco

Would you like to share any other fun, potentially unknown facts about yourself?

I enjoy writing research papers for fun, I am obsessed with Marvel, I have read over 45 books this year, and I also enjoy playing videos games, and love trivia/brain games.

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